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  1. A recent update of zoning (TC-2) in downtown Paso allows for micro-breweries, which was previously prohibited. Further, there are an abundance of potential locations within the TC-2 zone.

  2. City staff has indicated that the provision of micro-breweries in downtown "tend to be compatible with surrounding restaurants and entertainment uses and add to a vibrant downtown atmosphere." Therefore, there is staff support. 

  3.  Unique to Paso Robles, the typical upfront costs for pretreatment wastewater systems can be avoided. In other words, craft breweries can pour wastewater directly down the drain upon receipt of a discharge permit. This is a huge cost savings!

  4. Breweries smaller than 10,000 square feet can be approved administratively.  New construction or significant exterior remodels only require site plan approval by the Development Review Committee (DRC).  No Planning Commission = no Conditional Use Permit (CUP) = fast track approval.

  5. Entrepreneurs looking for locations outside of downtown (TC-2) are permitted in a variety of city zoning districts including: Industrial (M), Planned Industrial (PM), Riverside Corridor (RSC), and Commercial/Light Industry (C3).

  6. 6. The City has a diverse water portfolio, ensuring an adequate supply through General Plan build-out.

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