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Paso has long been known as a premier wine destination, but a number of breweries have opened in the last few years causing the City to respond in a positive way by improving the conditions for aspiring craft beverage artisans to open a facility. 

This includes changing zoning in a portion of downtown to allow for breweries and reducing regulations for wastewater discharge. Further, the City and Chamber have dedicated Brew Paso Ambassadors to help you navigate through each step of starting your dream brewery.

Click here to download the brewery quick start permit guide

Click here to download a zoning map of areas that permit breweries




  1. A recent update of zoning (TC-2) in downtown Paso allows for micro-breweries, which was previously prohibited. Further, there are an abundance of potential locations within the TC-2 zone.

  2. City staff has indicated that the provision of micro-breweries in downtown "tend to be compatible with surrounding restaurants and entertainment uses and add to a vibrant downtown atmosphere." Therefore, there is staff support. 

  3.  Unique to Paso Robles, the typical upfront costs for pretreatment wastewater systems can be avoided. In other words, craft breweries can pour wastewater directly down the drain upon receipt of a discharge permit. This is a huge cost savings!

  4. Breweries smaller than 10,000 square feet can be approved administratively.  New construction or significant exterior remodels only require site plan approval by the Development Review Committee (DRC).  No Planning Commission = no Conditional Use Permit (CUP) = fast track approval.

  5. Entrepreneurs looking for locations outside of downtown (TC-2) are permitted in a variety of city zoning districts including: Industrial (M), Planned Industrial (PM), Riverside Corridor (RSC), and Commercial/Light Industry (C3).

  6. 6. The City has a diverse water portfolio, ensuring an adequate supply through General Plan build-out.




Our craft beverage community mostly includes local folks who have a common mission to produce the best possible products.  It’s common to hear stories of brewers sharing tips and giving each other a helping hand. Beverage entrepreneurs should take comfort in knowing that they will be welcomed to this community.


Craft beverage companies complement our communities thriving wine industry by providing a casual atmosphere for patrons to relax and enjoy beverages with friends.  Families with kids and pets are often allowed with some locations offering yard games, pet treats, and kid friendly drinks. 


Customers find food to be an attractive amenity.  Patrons are likely to increase the length of stay when food options are available. Food trucks are a popular substitute if a dedicated kitchen isn’t possible.


Paso Roblans are known for crafting unique concoctions using on locally sourced products.  Come here and become a craft beverage maverick!  

Barrelhouse owners.jpg

Jason Carvalho

Co-Owner, Barrelhouse Brewing

"I was trying to find the ideal location to capture the tourists from LA to SF and from the Central Valley... That's Paso Robles. You can get a little more bang for your buck here than San Luis. The tourism in Paso was growing significantly faster... I like that it has a small-town vibe to it... it's kind of like going back in time... You have all the things you get in a big city without all the things you don't like.


The city has been very good to work with. They're very pro-business, they're very fast on responding. As far as operating goes, you couldn't ask for a better place to do business. The community has gotten behind us and the city has gotten behind us... I have no complaints."

Todd jones.jpg

Todd Jones

Sales and Operations Manager, Tin City Cider

"Paso has become a premier spot to not only make wine, but beer or cider; it's basically a spot people come to nowadays... It's become a destination spot for tourism and people all over the world. Operating in Paso has been unbelieveable. We have literally all walks of life coming through this place... Who would have thought? Paso Robles? That's what is special for me."



Great! We're here to help. Contact one of our Brew Paso Ambassadors to start the conversation. We can help you understand the key criteria for locations and operations. Common questions include permitted locations, water, parking requirements, hours of operation, tasting room size, and outdoor patios. We'll work through all your questions or you can read about them in the City's Municipal Code.  

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